ALSO STARRING IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER: Thomas Andersen as "The Criminal Accountant", Lars Andersen as "Leif Dough", Michael Bech-Jensen as "Tag Roofer", John Bennetsen as "John Poop", Benno Bonde as "Benny", Christian Broberg as "Bridgeberg", Jesper Brøndum as "Taz the Caz", Lars Bo Christensen as "Ariel Sharon", Carsten Enggaard as "Mandy the Table Danser", Kristian Højgaard Madsen as "The Vagabond Attorney", Kristian Jensen as "Goldfinger", Michael Jensen as "Queen Mary", Kristian Knudsen as "The Wagonman", Christian Lindstrøm as "Kim Bodnia", Lasse Hjort Nebelung as "The Lung", Ulrik Nørgaard as "Mr. Gone", Henrik Nørmølle as "Carl Mar Mill the Incredible", Anders Pedersen as "The Drug Lord", Morten Poulsen as "Little Per", Joen Rosenmeier as "Nick Jay", Henrik Stage as "Holmes", Lars Ørbæk as "John Doe".

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Original Soundtrack: "Tak til Robert Stardust"

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Pictures from the official Robert Party event saturday 16th of April 2005

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